Hi I'm Rhys, a collector from the UK.  Ltd Rewind was built through the love of retro toys and action figures and re-buying my WWF Hasbro collection (Mint on card) in 2007 was where it all started. That has progressed into collecting all things from my childhood. Toys, Pins, Cards, you name it.

Anything creative has always been fun for me and thinking up a fun, retro design that my 8 year old self would love is the main reason I do this.  I try my best to make the best quality, unique items for the cheapest feasible price, so everyone can get the same nostalgic enjoyment that I get everytime one of my whacky ideas comes to life.

Seeing as the name of the store is 'LTD Rewind', it may not come as a surprise that all the items up for sale will be a limited run and available only one time.  Being a collector there is something great about being able to buy something that is limited edition that not everyone has.  From time to time I will also throw in fun, chase variants and added extras to really fuel this disease we all have of being a collector.

In the short time of LTD Rewind starting up I have had so much support and love.  It's so appreciated and I hope to bring everyone more fun, retro pins and merch in the near future.

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